Antonette is a graduate of Liberal Arts in Behavioral Science at the University of Santo Tomas, an events coordinator and a florist, let’s see more how this person became the Bride’s Bestfriend. Antonette’s plan was to work in a corporate setting, in a Human Resource Department since it was the call of her course. She used to work with Islacom a telecommunication company where she fulfilled her plan to pursue a career in Human Resource but not for long she was asked to transfer to Call Center. Even during her college days where she experiences a dilemma, a usual college student experience. She never fails to be an optimist and find ways and alternatives to solve her problems. She
often is the team leader in a group project. Being so, she manages to be organized, efficient and coordinated. Thus, at an early age her relatives will ask her organize special occasions and help plan weddings for them. She even makes her own wedding when she got married last October 2000. So when she was separated in corporate world, she decided to make up her own profession, a wedding coordinator where she finds work and indulge in leisure at the same time. She have worked with several clients when her name Bride’s Bestfriend Events Coordinator was registered in Department of Trade and Industry last June 2003 and not for long she accomplished her legal papers such as Mayor’s Permit and BIR. She initially introduced her name to clients by making flowers for the entourage and reception for their weddings.
Clients came from referrals from person to person, company to company. Bride’s Bestfriend has now served 50 plus Brides and Grooms from the last six years it was registered. Quality of customer service is the Bride’s Bestfriend main concern. She looks into the profound essence of preparation as we work hand in hand with our bride and groom. It is where we adapt our slogan “Take our hand in planning your wedding”. As she always works on your side to assist in planning every step of the way. Antonette does not work as your wedding coordinator only but as your confidant as well. Antonette got married last October 21, 2000 and has two wonderful children, a son and a daughter. Being a mother and a wife is a plus factor for a wedding planner. The services she gives are freshly made from her own experience. Experience can never learn from school. She’s able to give advices from the preparation of the wedding to counseling and even what to expect after their marital vows. With her creativity, Bride’s Bestfriend also caters floral arrangement for the entourage, reception and church she also makes personalized souvenirs as she enhances the ideas of her couple. To help her couples scout for the credible, efficient and budget-friendly suppliers Bride’s Bestfriend is also organizing Wedding Exhibit that features different suppliers to meet your standards and requirements. Our first event was last January 2005 at Le Pavillion and last May 13-14, 2006 at the Oasis. We even capture the mall area in Taguig where we had the “Here Comes the Bride” last October 7-8, 2006 at Market! Maket! and “The Knot at the Fort” last November 23-25, 2007 at Market! Market! And to extend more assistance to our clients’ needs, we are making a Voucher Magazine, a compilation of freebies, discounts and promos of wedding suppliers for soon-to-wed couples. Maiden edition of Wedding Voucher: Save with Coupons will be circulated in all Bookstores and Magazine Stands in Metro Manila and selected Provincial areas on January 2009. Bride’s Bestfriend earns the trust and confidence of clients from the fruits of its hard work, honesty, flexibility and being a God fearing individual. And it will continually make weddings a lifetime to remember. Antonette will help you make your dream wedding possible, simple yet elegant.


Bride's Bestfriend specializes in wedding planning & other event services, offers affordable wedding packages that will suit your tastes and budget. Be helped by the best wedding coordinator & event planner in the Philippines.
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Antonette Mangona-de Leon (Coordinator) (M) 09178010129