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Clipper Designer Chair Series:


Designer Series Mini Chairs now available. Use it as a mobile phone stand, add it to your doll house or simply display this elegant "mini me" version of attractive designer furniture. Available in various designs and colors.

Red Dress:


This is a dress form for display only. This is only Php 499.75 each. Various models and growns available.

Mini Shopping Basket Carts:


Mini Shopping Basket cart is only Php 299.75 and it comes in 6 attractive colors variants. Please visit our stores to appreciate.


The height of this cart is less than 1 foot. It comes in various colors and designs.



These items are Php 399 - Php 499 each depending on the design. We have lots of models available. Please visit our stores to select.


These are actual working telephone units that can be used to make phone calls.



These arenote pads packed inside milk or juice cartons. Retail price is only Php 99.

Clipper Gift Shop

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