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Parties are celebrations of a few of life's most memorable occasions; but, oftentimes, all the planning and preparation that needs to be done can be very tiring. It also costs a lot of effort and money. Understanding this, we at Gashville, offer our party and event planning services that guarantee a whole new party experience that is well worth the client's money.

The company provides special party packages that will make any event or party fun and exciting. There are entertainment packages, kids/salon spa packages, venue set-up packages, and photobooth packages. Other than these, Gashville also offers video and photo coverage services.

Gashville is committed to giving clients the party or event that they need. With professional services and party packages, our clients do not need to worry about all the party arrangements. From set-up to end, Gashville is here to help. With affordable rates, our clients can sit back, relax, and enjoy every party without having to experience all the hassle that comes with it.

Gashville offers a lot of new and unique concepts that will surely give additional excitement to the party of our clients. The company also works directly with the clients, discussing concepts and budgets, to make the party more successful. With Gashville, every party will be a great, new experience.

1. Client may make a 50% down payment upon signing of this contract. Client may also settle the balance on the event itself. We don't accept checks. Cash only. Bank Act. BDO Cash Card An-Margarette G. Abellon 5267 2700 0817 7962; Chinabank St. Ignatius SA# 324-002224-3
2. Any downgrade of the package after signing the contract will be charged an additional 10% from the total package.
3. Deposit amount onceconfirmed is non transferable and non refundable
4. Client will be responsible for damage to the property due to gross misconduct or negligence of guests.
5. Service of waiter up to four (4) hours only, in any excess there will be a charge of PhP50 per hour per waiter.
6. Php 50 per floor per waiter if the event is held in a building w/out service elevator.
7. Any parking fee, electricity fee, toll gate fee should be shouldered by the client.
8. Food accommodation of the crew to be provided by the client.


Find everything you need for your party. Gashville offers unique birthday party theme arrangement that will make your party special. Offers entertainment packages, kids/salon spa packages, venue set-up packages, photo booth packages and video & photo coverage.
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