Catering Services

Set A- 205.00
Roast Beef w/ Mushroom
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Lumpiang Shanghai or Fried Dumpling
Buttered Vegetable w/ Cashew Nuts
Baked Macaroni
Chocolate Fudge or Buko Pandan Salad
Bottomless Ice Tea

Set B - 250.00
Roast Beef w/ Mushroom
Chicken w/ Garlic Chili Sauce
Mixed Vegetable w/ Quail Eggs
Fried Dumpling
Fish Fillet w/ Tartar Sauce
Sotanghon or Baked macaroni
Buko Pandan
Chocolate Fudge
Pineapple Juice or Iced Tea

Set C - 290.00
Pork Asado
Chicken Cordon Bleu/Chicken Ala Kiev
Roast Beef w/ Mushroom
Fish Fillet w/ Tartar Sauce
Fried Dumpling
Vegetable Medley
Buko Salad
Black Forest
Shanghai Fried Rice
Pineapple Juice(bottomless)

Set D - 350.00
Rolled Crab w/ Garlic Chili Sauce
Chicken Ala Kiev
Stir Beef w/ Oyster Sauce
Pork Strip w/ Broccoli
Fish Fillet w/ Tartar Sauce
Young Chow Fried Rice
Mixed Vegetable w/ Ham and Mushroom
Chocolate Fudge
Buko Salad
Softdrinks or Ice Tea (bottomless)

Kiddie Set Menu- Php 160.00
Chicken Lollipop
Hotdog on Stick w/ Mallows
Choco Fudge
Botomless Pineapple/Ice Tea
Kiddie Tables and Chairs

PROMO choices:
100 pax w/ service charge free chocolate fondue
Less than 100 pax w/ service charge

Salad Bar - Php 3,000
Cocktail Table - Php 500 each
Sushi Bar - Php 5,000
Lechon - Php 3,500 up
Mobile Bar - Php 5,000
Shawarma - Php 5,000


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