Card Embossing Machine

This machine is designed for use with PVC plastic for health

care, security, and  membership cards with 10 & 7 per Inch

spacing, hardened steel dies, and punches. This is suitable

to use on standard plastic card size: CR-80.




Flat Heat Press

This is used in imprinting designs or graphics. With the heat

that comes from the machine, the application of the prints is

easier. This machine is usually used in printing on shirts or

other forms of clothing.


High Pressure Press


This machine has a clamshell design that makes use of

pressure in applying prints on various materials such as

clothes. This machine is very useful in the proper imprinting

of designs.


Mug Press

A mug press is primarily used for printing on mugs, cups,

glassware, or plastic ware for personalization purposes.

This is very helpful in making customized souvenirs or giveaways.


Paper Cutter

A paper cutter can be helpful in cutting small to medium pieces

of papers, cards, and plastics. With a built-in ruler, cutting

and trimming will be more accurate. Its design also makes it

easy to handle and use.


Vinyl Cutter

This new vinyl cutter is ideal for signs and lettering. Affordable

and easy to use, this plotter / cutter is used for cutting color

vinyl, heat transfer paper, reflective vinyl, metalized PET or

PVC. It is great for making signs and lettering for cars, trucks,

boats, shirts, bags, caps, offices, and more.


Yatai Laminating Machine

This high quality laminating machine is important in applying

the finishing touch in printing. This is used for cards, papers,

and all kinds of IDs.


We design and print everything you need!

Over the years, Infokardz has grown into an important player in the printing industry. As we continue to expand our clientele base and open new ones, Infokardz remains committed to providing quality printing products and services to customers - big and small.
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