IPI Foundation


The IPI Foundation Inc has been in existence for three years. However, under the name of Don Go Lam Foundation (1993-2006), the Foundation has been in operation for 16 years. Owned and operated by the owners of the International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (IPI), the IPI Foundation is the company’s expression of its corporate social responsibility. The company is founded by the Wong-Castillo family, one of Cebu’s prominent successful Filipino-Chinese industrialists.

IPI just celebrated its 50th founding anniversary in May 2009. From its humble beginnings as producer of liniment preparation, IPI has now diversified into a wide variety of product lines from detergents, food supplements, anti-septic compounds, processed foods, among others. In celebrating its achievements, IPI continues to extend financial and logistical support to the IPI Foundation.

International Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Through the years, International Pharmaceutical Inc have gone through several milestones in order to improve the products and services they offer while doing their part in helping the community. Know more about the pharmaceutical company's strong foundation and why it stays in the road to success.
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