They say that you can learn a lot about a person by the way he or she looks and takes care of his or her s elf and things. With this, Jacinthe Manufacturing Corporation offers you high quality products that would help you emanate the beauty and wellness within you and your home.

Give the best possible care and treatment that you deserve, whether it be for yourself or your home.

  • For Personal Care
  • For Home Care

Jacinthe Manufacturing Corporation is a company that dedicates itself to provide the personal and home care needs of every Filipino.

To meet every client’s needs, we offer a range of reliable services. We strictly follow health and safety standards in the process of manufacturing our products.

For more information and details on Jacinthe Manufacturing Company and our products, you may contact us today. We also encourage comments and suggestions on how to improve our products.

Jacinthe Manufacturing Corporation

Jacinthe Manufacturing Corporation offers a wide range of high quality personal and home care products to meet your needs.
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