Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) is the only PRC Accredited Professional Organization (APO) of Mechanical Engineers, with Certificate No. I-APO-004.

This website seeks to update all members with relevant news and information. The administrators of this website hope that through this electronic bulletin, the members will be able to keep tabs on developments within PSME, industries, government, educational institutions, and other affiliates.

The (PSME) is an organization of Mechanical Engineers in the Philippines founded in 1952 for the purpose of uniting and enjoining the mechanical engineers in the pursuit of continuing professional growth.

PSME was established to serve the Filipino Mechanical Engineers of various grades, to advance the Mechanical Engineering profession, and provide sustainability to a changing world.




PSME Certificate of Accreditation from PRC as APO-004

The Society is committed to fulfill its objectives, which are:

  • To maintain the integrity of the profession
  • To promote excellence in professional practice 
  • To contribute to the enhancement of science and technology and economic growth of the country.
  • To promote fellowship and cooperation among mechanical engineers and instill nationalism among members



The contributions of the PSME to the continued growth of the mechanical engineering profession and technological advancement in the country have made lasting marks, as may be gleaned from the recognition accorded by both the public and private sectors. PSME has indeed succeeded in living up to its role of upgrading and improving the knowledge of mechanical engineers in the country with its direct assistance in providing solutions to the problems related to the practice of the professions and by continuously educating the members through the conduct of regular plant tours, seminars, interactions, and the annual technical paper presentations and invention contest, among others.

PSME has 82 chapters nationwide and 3 chapters based at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a total membership of 35,000 fellow, life, and associate members. In addition, it has junior units in many schools throughout the country.


PSME affiliations and participations include:

  • Philippine Federations and Professional Association (PFPA)
  • Philippine Technological Council (PTC)
  • Philippine Invention Development Institute (PIDI)
  • Presidential Panel of Judges
  • Presidential Committees on Science and Technology (PCST)
  • National Metal and Engineering Industry Council (NMEIC)
  • CPE National Accreditation and Evaluation Board (NAEB)
  • World Federation of Engineering Organization (WFEO)
  • Philippine Association of Technological Education (PATE)
  • Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP)
  • Construction Technology Committee (CONTECO)
  • Society of Philippine Accredited Consultants,, Inc., (SPAC)
  • Anti- TB and Fight Cancer Fund Campaigns
  • MMC Ladies Circle Activities

PSME articles available for sale at National Office

PSME National Presidents

Term of OfficeNameNo.
1952, 1953Tobias P. Marcelo 1
1954, 1955Luis A. Flores 2
1956, 1957Victor A. Lim 3
1958, 1959Domingo S. Mendoza, Sr. 4
1960, 1961Pedro B. Manayon 5
1962, 1963Adelfo D. Urtula 6
1964Rodolfo A. Vales 7
1965, 1966, 1967Urbano J. Pobre 8
1968Ceferino L. Follosco 9
1969, 1970Pedro F. Loresco 10
1971Cesar B. Lopez 11
1972Clodoveo V. Soriano, Jr. 12
1973Ernesto B. Marcelo 13
1974Pedro Ma. Cariño 14
1975Damao C. Tria 15
1976Luisito M. Reyes 16
1977, 1978Roberto G. Abiera 17
1979, 1980Eduardo P. Mencias 18
1981, 1982Armando C. Pascual 19
1983Julio F. Abarquez 20
1984Arnaldo P. Baldonado 21
1985Victorino Z. Sianghio, Jr. 22
1986, 1987Antonio Ro. Herrera 23
1988Ernesto V. Villanueva 24
1989Gemeliano F. Calinawan 25
1990Danilo Q. Bulanadi, Sr. 26
1991Alfredo Y. Po 27
1992Alberto D. Dosayla, Sr. 28
1993Romeo A. Perlado 29
1994, 1995Augusto C. Soliman 30
1996Gerardo C. Hernandez 31
1997Expedito S. Bollozos 32
1998Sergio C. Balolong 33
1999Juan C. Cabanayan 34
2000Gaudencio R. de Guzman 35
2001Ernesto J. Casis 36
2002Roberto A. Lozada 37
2003Ramon C. Maniago 38
2004Danilo P. Hernandez 39
2005Vicente V. De Guzman 40
2006Edimar V. Salcedo 41
 Ramon F. Solis 42
2007Vicente B. Vosotros 43
2008Saylito M. Purisima 44
2009, 2010Renato A. Florencio 45
2011, 2012Liberato S. Virata 46

Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers is an accredited organization that promotes, develops, and uplifts the field of Mechanical Engineering here in the Philippines. Its members receive various privileges and opportunities that contribute to the success of every individual.

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